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Bai tap TN tieng anh lop 10 Unit 9

Thứ bảy - 19/01/2013 16:24
I/ Choose the word whose underlined part has a different pronunciation from the others in each group:
1/ A. undersea                              B. ocean                           C. reveal                           D. breathe
2/ A. world                                  B. work                              C. form                              D.  word
3/ A. tasks                                    B. parts                               C. bays                               D. effects
4/ A. cover                         B. some                            C. lesson                            D. ton
5/ A. Pacific                         B. Atlantic                          C. Indian                    D. balance
6/ A. gulf                                     B. human                           C. populate                 D. cute
7/ A. century                                B. tiny                                C. partly                     D. supply
8/ A. depth                                   B. refer                               C. beneath                   D. secret
9/ A. challenges                       B. devices                          C. submarines              D. passages
10/ A. moved                      B. killed                           C. required                         D. landed
II/ Choose the word whose main stress is placed differently from the others in each group:
1/ A. undersea                            B. comprehend                   C. overcome                     D. submarine
2/ A. Atlantic                             B. Indian                            C. Antarctic                        D.  Pacific
3/ A. bottom                                B. starfish                           C. belly                              D. explain
4/ A. challenge                      B. surface                        C. further                           D. inform
5/ A. mystery                       B. satellite                          C. various                   D. successful
6/ A. beneath                             B. sample                           C. current                    D. balance
7/ A. connection                          B. oxygen                           C. animal                    D. oversized
8/ A. sophisticated                    B. independently                C. biodiversity             D. international
9/ A. extreme                            B. refer                               C. ocean                     D. surround
10/ A. investigate                B. interaction                  C. indication                       D. understanding
III/ Match the words in column A with their synonyms in column B:
1/ picture 2/ different A/ examine B/ stimulus
3/ cover 4/ overcome C/ dissimilar D/ spread
5/ challenge 6/ sophisticated E/ globe F/ complicated
7/ investigate 8/ indication G/ painting H/ supply
9/ contribute 10/ world I/ get over J/ evidence
IV/ Match the words in column A with their antonyms in column B:
1/ beneath 2/ depth A/ safety B/ minor
3/ secret 4/ major C/ imprison D/ public
5/ clean 6/ danger E/ dirty F/ protection
7/ sparing 8/ threat G/ abundant H/ overhead
9/ release 10/ smart I/ surface J/ stupid
V/ Complete the following sentences by inserting the missing Adjective clauses. Choose the Adjective clause that fits each sentence best:
1. The policewoman _____ is my mother’s friend. A. that ever acted on this stage
2. Hanh and Nguyen, _____ have just got married. B. which he dropped a few minutes ago.
3. That lake _____ is not very wide. C. who arrested the thief
4. We don’t have anything to do, _____. D. we crossed
5. She’s the finest woman _____ E. whom you met yesterday
6. They will visit the garage _____ before they come back home. F. which makes us bored
7. He was glad to find the wallet _____. G. where their father works
8. Mrs. Hoa, _____, is working in a hospital. H. whose daughter is a good student
9. Rooney is playing for MU, _____ I. who can answer this question
10. Is there anyone _____? J. which is a famous football club.
VI/ Choose the best answer A, B, C or D for each sentence:
1/ What do I think of your purple shoes? Well, they're certainly _______.
        A. differ                     B. difference               C. different                 D. differently
2/ This has been a _______ time for us all.
        A. challenge                B. challenger               C. challenged              D. challenging
3/ Children are encouraged to take an _______ approach to learning.
        A. investigate              B. investigative            C. investigation           D. investigating
4/ I need someone _______ to look after the children while I'm at work.
        A. depend                   B. dependence             C. dependable             D. dependant
5/ We're in the very _______-looking building opposite the station.
        A. modern                    B. modernity                 C. modernize                 D. modernization
6/ One way of preventing further flooding would be to _______ the river bed.
        A. deep                       B. deepen                    C. deeper                    D. depth
7/ It is important to educate children before they become sexually _______.
        A. act                         B. active                     C. action                     D. actor
8/ We must be careful not to do anything that might _______ the economic recovery.
        A. danger                    B. dangerous               C. endanger                 D. endangered
9/ Now you know all the facts, you can make an informed _______.
        A. choice                    B. choose                    C. chooser                   D. choosing
10/ The company's new model will be going into _______ early next year.
        A. produce                  B. producer                 C. products                 D. production
VII/ Choose the correct words to complete the sentences:
1/ You _______ change trains at Peterborough if you're going to Newcastle.
        A. could                      B. should                    C. did                         D. would
2/ You _______ have a piece of cake after you've eaten your vegetables!
        A. can                         B. could                      C. shall                       D. might
3/ If you show the receipt, there _______ to be any difficulty getting your money back.
        A. shouldn’t                B. couldn’t                  C. didn’t                     D. oughtn't
4/ They knew there _______ be trouble unless the report was finished by the next day.
        A. ought to                  B. should                    C. would                     D. must
5/ You _______ show this letter to anyone else.
        A. mustn't                   B. didn’t have to            C. couldn’t                   D. didn’t need
6/ I wouldn't work for them (even) if they _______ me twice my current salary.
        A. paid                       B. had paid                 C. have paid                D. pay
7/ If anyone _______ for me, please tell them I'll be back in the office at 4 o'clock.
        A. rang                       B. had rung                 C. rings                       D. has rung
8/ We'll have the party in the garden _______ the weather's good.
        A. if                           B. unless                     C. supposing               D. provided
9/ There are, _______ you don't mind me saying so, one or two problems with this plan.
        A. if                           B. provided                 C. in case                    D. as long as
10/ He's welcome to come along, _______ that he behaves himself.
        A. unless                     B. as long as                C. provided                 D. if
VIII/ Find the one mistake (A, B, C or D) in these sentences and then correct them:
1/ (A) I'll pay you (B) double (C) unless you get the work (D) finished by Friday.
2/ (A) There are, (B) if you don't mind me (C) to say so, one or two problems (D) with this plan.
3/ You (A) won’t pay (B) for time off (C) unless you have (D) a doctor’s note.
4/ He (A) hasn’t got (B) any hobbies—(C) if you call watching TV (D) a hobby.
5/ (A) Provided that you (B) had the money (C) in your account, you can withdraw (D) up to £100 a day.
6/ (A) We’d buy everything you produce, (B) provided (C) of course the price is (D) right.
7/ “She doesn’t think (A) she’ll get a job.” “She (B) should worry, (C) with all her qualifications (= she does not need (D) worrying).”
8/ (A) In order that training (B) should be effective (C) there must be planned (D) systematically.
9/ You (A) ought have come (B) to the meeting. (C) It was (D) interesting.
10/ (A) What do you need your own computer (B) for? You (C) can use (D) us.
IX/ Read the following passage carefully, and then select the best option A, B, C or D to complete it:
Approximately one-third of the Arctic (1) _______ is underlain by continental shelf, (2) _______ includes a broad shelf north of Eurasia and the narrower shelves of North America and Greenland. Seaward of the continental shelves (3) _______ the Arctic Basin proper, which is subdivided (4) _______ a set of three parallel ridges and four basins (also (5) _______ as deeps). These features were discovered and explored (6) _______ in the late 1940s. The Lomonosov Ridge, the major ridge, cuts the Arctic Basin (7) _______ in half, extending as a submarine bridge 1,800 km (1,100 mi) (8) _______ Siberia to the northwestern tip of Greenland. Parallel (9) _______ it are two shorter ridges: the Alpha Ridge on the North American (10) _______, defining the Canada and Makarov basins, (11) _______ the Arctic Mid-Ocean Ridge on the Eurasian side, (12) _______ the Nansen and Amundsen basins. The average (13) _______ of the Arctic Ocean is only 1,300 m (4,300 ft) (14) _______ the vast shallow expanses on the continental shelves. The deepest (15) _______ in the Arctic Ocean is 5,450 m (17,880 ft).
New vocabulary:
- to underlie- underlay- underlain (v.): nằm dưới, ở dưới
-  seaward (n.): hướng biển; (adv.): về hướng biển
- to subdivide (v.): chia nhỏ ra
- ridge (n.): chóp, chỏm, ngọc, đỉnh (núi)
- basin (n.): chỗ trũng, lòng chảo; (địa chất) lưu vực; vịnh nhỏ
- tip (n.): đầu, đỉnh, chóp
- expanse (n.): dải, dải rộng (đất...)
1/       A. Sea                                B. Ocean                            C. Lake                              D. River
2/       A. it                                    B. whom                            C. that                                D. which
3/       A. is                                   B. lies                                 C. runs                               D. stands
4/       A. on                                  B. in                                   C. into                                D. onto
5/       A. known                           B. considered                     C. thought                          D. remembered
6/       A. starting                           B. beginning                       C. appearance                    D. creation
7/       A. most                              B. mostly                            C. all                                  D. almost
8/       A. in                                   B. at                                   C. from                              D. between
9/       A. to                                   B. of                                   C. with                               D. by
10/     A. shape                             B. face                               C. size                                D. side
11/     A. and                                B. but                                 C. or                                   D. so
12/     A. forming                         B. coming                           C. defining                         D. making
13/     A. height                            B. depth                             C. width                             D. length
14/     A. by                                  B. with                               C. in spite of                      D. because of
15/     A. mark                              B. area                                C. place                              D. point
X/ Read the sentences below carefully, and then put them in the correct order to make a meaningful reading: (Number 1 and number 12 have done first for you)
1/ Tsunami, Japanese word meaning “harbor wave,” used as the scientific term for seismic sea waves that can cause catastrophic damage when they hit a coastline.
2/ Since 1819, about 40 tsunamis have struck the Hawaiian Islands.
3/ Tsunamis can be generated by an undersea earthquake, an undersea landslide, the eruption of an undersea volcano, or by the force of an asteroid crashing into the ocean.
4/ When the ocean floor is uplifted or offset during an earthquake, a set of waves is created similar to the concentric waves generated by an object dropped into the water.
5/ The most frequent cause of tsunamis is an undersea earthquake.
6/ Most tsunamis originate along the Ring of Fire, a zone of volcanoes and seismic activity, 32,500 km (24,000 mi) long, which encircles the Pacific Ocean.
7/ A tsunami can have wavelengths, or widths (the distance between one wave crest to the next), of 100 to 200 km (60 to 120 mi), and may travel hundreds of kilometers across the deep ocean, reaching speeds of about 725 to 800 km/h (about 450 to 500 mph).
8/ People onboard a ship passing over it would not even notice the tsunami.
9/ A tsunami is not one wave but a series of waves.
10/ Upon entering shallow coastal waters, however, the waves suddenly grow rapidly in height.
11/ In the deep ocean, the waves may be only about half a meter (a foot or two) high.
12/ When the waves reach the shore, they may be 15 m (50 ft) high or more. 

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