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Bai tap bam sat lop 11-UNIT 12

Thứ bảy - 19/01/2013 16:10
I. Circle the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from that of the other words.
1)     A. screw                           B. screechy                     C. scream                            D. screen
2)     A. rugby                           B. nearby                         C. cycling                            D. apply
3)     A. strength                      B. event                           C. athlete                            D. wrestling
II. Circle the word that has stress pattern different from that of the other words.
4)     A. official                        B. cycling                        C. become                           D. aquatic
5)     A. advance                      B. gymnasium                 C. solidarity                        D. variety
6)     A. nation                          B. gather                          C. facilities                         D. stadium
* Circle the best answer for each sentence.
7) The Vietnamese participants took ____ in the 14th Asian Games with great enthusiasm.
         A. notice                          B. notes                           C. part                                  D. role
8) ____ from several countries competed in many Asian Game.
         A. Spectators                  B. Athletes                      C. Audience                       D. Viewers
9) How many sports are there ____ the 14th Asian Games?
         A. in                                  B. on                                 C. at                                      D. to
10) The quiet country roads are ideal for cycling. The word “cycling” is closest in meaning to “____”.
         A. driving a car               B. riding a bicycle         C. kicking a ball                 D. playing football
11) The Olympic Games is one of the biggest sporting ____ all over the world.
         A. problems                    B. athletes                       C. cultures                          D. events
12) Swimming is one of the ____ sports.
         A. mountainous              B. aquatic                        C. racing                              D. running
13) ____ can help n athlete to improve the strength of muscles and the appearance of the body.
         A. Shooting                     B. Table tennis               C. Weightlifting                 D. Playing chess
14) On some special occasions, people often march and demonstrate to show their ____.
         A. nation                          B. event                           C. culture                            D. solidarity
15) Vietnam won 3 gold ____ in the 15th Asian Games.
         A. degrees                       B. medals                        C. awards                            D. boards
16) Nearly 500 ____ from 11 nations took part in the first Asian Games in New Delhi, Indian.
         A. viewers                       B. spectators                   C. athletes                           D. passers-by
17) There were many scientists at the meeting, several of ____ were very young.
         A. That                             B. whom                          C. who                                 D. which
18) This is the novel ____ I’ve been expecting.
         A. that                              B. which                          C. x (nothing)                     D. All are correct
19) I’m not the man ____ you are looking for?
         A. that                              B. x (nothing)                 C. whom                              D. A, B or C
20) Fencing was first introduced at the 13th Asian Games, ____ in Bangkok, Thailand in 1998.
         A. to be held                   B. holing                          C. when was held              D. which was held
21) Each country sends its best athletes ____ participation expresses the friendship and solidarity.
         A. who                              B. which                          C. that                                  D. whose
22) He rang James, ____ a good friend as well as his trainer.
         A. who was                      B. that was                       C. being                               D. to be
23) ____ came from France were really more friendly than any others.
         A. The athletes, that      B. The athletes whom   C. The athletes who          D. The athletes which
24) That is Mr. Pike, a referee, ____ I told you about.
         A. that                              B. which                          C. whom                              D. whose
25) This is a picture in the newspaper of a high jumper ____ leg was seriously hurt.
         A. who                              B. who                              C. whose                             D. that
26) I like the book ____ you lent me last week.
         A. who                              B. when                           C. where                              D. Þ
27) I know the man ____ Miss White is talking to.
         A. him                              B. which                          C. whose                             D. Þ
* Read the passage carefully and choose the correct answer.
The Asian Games owes its origins to small Asian multi-sport competitions. The Far Eastern Championship Games were created to show unity and cooperation among three nations: Japan, the Philippines and China. The first games were held in Manila, the Philippines in 1931. Other Asian nations participated after it was organized.
After World War II, a number of Asian countries became independent. Many of the new independent Asian countries wanted to use a new type of competition where Asian dominance should not be shown by violence and should be strengthened by mutual understanding. In August 1948, during the 14th Olympic Game in London, India representative Guru Dutt Sondhi proposed to sports leaders of the Asian teams the idea of having discussions about holding the Asian Games. They agreed to form the Asian Athletic Federation. A preparatory was set up to draft the charter for the Asian amateur athletic federation. In February, 1949, the Asian athletic federation was formed and used the name Asian Games Federation. It was formed and used the name Asian Games Federation. It was decided to hold the first Asian Games in 1951 in New Delhi the capital of India. They added that the Asian Games would be regularly held once every four years.
28) The text is about ____.
         A. the origin of the Asian Games                          B. the Far Eastern Championship Games
         C. the Games in Manila                                                                                        D. the relationship of Japan, the Philippines, and China
29) The Far Eastern Championship Games ____.
         A. were held in Manila after World War II         B. were held in Japan
         C. were attended by all countries in Asia           D. had the participation of only three nations
30) The 14th Olympic Games took place ____.
         A. in 1913                        B. in August 1948          C. before the World War II     D. In February 1949
31) The Asian Games ____. A. were suggested establishing by a Londoner  B. were first held in China
         C. were first held in India                        D. were held in the same year of the 14th Olympic Games
32) The Asian Games were first held in ____.            A. 1931         B. 1941         C. 1948        D. 1951
* Choose the underlined part among A, B, C or D that needs correcting.
33) This year, that is for the first time, the event is open to all amateur athletes along with the
             A           B                                                         C                                                  D
traditional professional.
34) Something was strange happened yesterday has been worrying me. I really don’t know
                        A                                                                      B                                C
what to do.
35) The 14th Asian games, held in Korea in 2002, attracted many participants.
                     A                                B               C            D
36) Their efforts was much appreciated at the Asian Games.
                  A                           B                 C                  D
37) How many participant took part in the 15th Asian Games?
                         A                        B         C                  D

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